Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just a little bit of grumble

Its already a few months back I took these photos.
All these photos were taken during a competition organized by Sin Chew Daily, namely 阳光美少女竞赛, Sunny Girl contest. Other than the peagant-like competition, they'd also organized photography competition for all those photographers out there. Of course I've participate in the competition and attended the Selangor Final and also Grand finale. Below is my entries for the competition:

My favourite shot of the day:
Just too bad that the shutter is not fast enough to freeze the movement. A bit of blurry..

Then this:

Like the expressions of both the dancers. Face underexposed. Yes, it is time for external FLASH!!! But then where is the money??


A very graceful move. Albeit looked a bit stiff...

In the end, I didn't win anything. Well, its' a competition, if there's people winning, sure got people lose. I'm the unlucky ones, and I am not so happy with those winning photo. Most of them look like stagnant portrait photos.
The scoring criteria is based on the theme, which is sunny. I understand that but I don't see the reason of those winning photos which only focused on the face of the contestant. So who gets the center post, with an L lens (tele and sharp) wins the competition?

10 out of 13 winning photo looks like this:

Of course, their's are sharper and the contestants are looking towards them.

So tips of the day:
1. Get an L or equivalent lens.
2. Only, i repeat, ONLY grab for those center points where the contestants will look directly at you.
3. Shot only upper body. If possible, focus only the face. Do not aim for those ACTIONs...

Haih.. I looked like a whinner now...

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