Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just a little bit of grumble too (failed version)

OK, its time to continue being a whinner.

I was expecting for a more action/movement-based competition. Its a talent show! There were so many performance throughout the peagant contest. If it's not because of the spot I stood and my gadgets I can get better shots. (sore loser's excuses...)

I'm serious. Look at the shots below:
Try to imagine how would the product be if this shot was taken from front.

OK. I admit, I don't have the skills to shoot actions like this.
I was hoping that someone in the front and centre line can have similar shots so that I can see how people take this kind of shots but I was dissapointed when the results was announced. Not-even-one-shot.

Then, can you please have some other expressions in the winning photos other than smile?
Try this. :P
OK, I know this is impolite to show this kind of shot.. haha..

Or, can at least be style and cool a bit???

OK la OK la. I know I was too nitpicking. Just let me grumble a bit although this is so long ago.
Coming up next, white balance.

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