Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pre-event photo..

These are some photo I took during the journey to the Chinese Musical Instrument Performance near Setapak. Just some photos that I've longed in taking it, taking a photo of the view at the back of an LRT. Its nothing much interesting about the photos, just wanna post it on as a memory. You can skip this post by not clicking the "read more" below...

This post is quite related to shutter speed. When I first have a real conscious about photography, I visited a photography forum in, and fascinated by a photo taken at the back of LRT. Since then I have been longing to take such shot and today I tried so..

Here's a dull photo, did not show any motion.
Shutter speed too fast, freezing every movement.. Some more the level is tilted. The left side is higher than the right side.

Then I tried several other shots. These are some of the interesting ones..
Overexposure(photo too bright), without any details from background. Yet I like de sense of movement inside.

Moving into a tunnel. With a curve, the photo becomes more attracting.

Inside the tunnel. Too bad reflection of view inside the train was taken too on the window.

This one, I like the curve too. And the feel of expansion. But hand-shake blurry is clearly observable.. The train is too shaky.. haih..

Hope you enjoyed de photos!


  1. yoyo.. testing..

    ah guang

  2. nice work on de third image~
    first image should tilt ur image back in line~

  3. SK:

    i duno y, i juz noticed that i hav the tendency of tilting left lower... muz improve on tat..


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